Elementor vs Brizy: Which One Should You Use?

Elementor vs Brizy. Thinking about which WordPress page builder is superior, Elementor or Brizy? Then this is the article for you.

A page builder in WordPress is a plugin that allows you to design your site by dragging and dropping objects. And, you don’t have to even touch a line of code. Even non-technical people may develop a website with the assistance of page builders.

Many popular page builder plugins are available. Elementor and Brizy are two of them. As a result, in this article, Wplegible will discuss which page builder is superior between Elementor and Brizy.

Elementor vs Brizy: Interface

Elementor Interface

The interface of Elementor is very basic and often regarded as the most user-friendly WordPress plugin for creating articles and pages. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to utilize Elementor.

It has a sidebar interface. All of the content pieces are available in the sidebar and may be dragged and dropped onto the page.

Elementor shares the mobile-first design philosophy. Within the Elementor editor, you may also change the page title, description, and other global parameters.

Brizy Interface

Brizy, like Elementor, has a sidebar interface. The page builder offers complete responsive design, allowing you to tailor your website to all screen sizes—desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Brizy also offers a “Reorganize Blocks” view where you can see all of the blocks you’ve used on your website in their proper order and reorder them by dragging and dropping. It’s not like Elementor’s Navigator view; it’s unique, and we believe it’s superior (more visual and easy-to-use).

Elementor vs Brizy: Ease of Use

Elementor Ease of Use

You can download and install Elementor without difficulty. To install Elementor, simply log in to your WordPress dashboard. Control options such as Posts, Appearance, Tools, Settings, and so on may be found on the left side. Among those options, select Plugins -> Add New.

Then, on the next page, use the search bar at the top right to look for Elementor. First, click the Install button, followed by the Activate button.

To begin creating pages, go to Pages -> Add New from the control menus on the left. The phrase Edit with Elementor appears at the top of the following page. Simply click the button to make changes to the page.

Then, similar to the WordPress dashboard, you’ll be transported to the Elementor editor dashboard. The widgets are shown on the left side. You may just drag and drop these parts to begin designing your site.

When you’re through with your designs, click the Publish button at the bottom of the widget area to publish them.

Brizy Ease of Use

Brizy, like Elementor, can be installed through the WordPress dashboard. Don’t forget to Activate the plugin before you begin building your website.

You may also edit your page by clicking the Edit with Brizy button.

Brizy, unlike Elementor, provides a full-width preview on the following page. To see all of the widgets, click the Plus symbol in the upper left corner. All of the components are visible. You can now quickly start constructing your site by dragging and dropping pieces.

To save all of your work, click the Save Draft button in the bottom right corner.

Elementor vs Brizy: Design Options

Elementor Design Options

Pro Elementor content widgets include forms, posts, login, portfolio, slides, animated headlines, navigation menu, flip box, pricing list, call to action, and media carousel. In Elementor, blocks are referred to as widgets, and each widget is hosted by at least one column. There are over 90 widgets available in Elementor.

Elementor offers three element types from which to create a page or template:

  • Section: A large container that houses both the columns and the design components (called widgets in Elementor).
  • Column: A smaller space where widgets may be placed. In Elementor, a column is required. Every section must have at least one column. 
  • Widgets: the genuine design elements that go into creating a design. There are over ninety widgets available in Elementor.

Brizy Design Options

Brizy calls the segment something else. It uses the term “block” rather than “segment,” even though both terms describe the same thing. Brizy refers to the design elements simply as “elements”. It has 48 design components, 24 of which are available for free in Brizy’s free edition.

Brizy’s builder elements include a map, text, button, contact, icon, embed, divider, countdown, counter, icon box, tabs, accordion, and photos.

Brizy’s current version has the following element options:

  • Block: A block is a large container that holds columns and items. A page can be constructed from blocks.
  • Column: A “column” is a smaller container that contains items. Brizy, unlike other page builders like Elementor and Divi Builder, does not need the usage of a column.
  • Element: This is the main design element you will utilize to build your design. Brizy has 42 components in all. The free edition has 22 of them.

Elementor vs Brizy: Template

Elementor Template

Elementor’s free edition has a restricted number of pages and blocks. However, if you pay for the premium edition, you will get access to 300+ templates.

Click the Add Templates button in Elementor to add pre-built templates.

When you click the button, you’ll get a list of ready-to-use templates. The templates are divided into two categories: Pages and Blocks. Pages, as the name implies, are pre-built pages. Blocks, on the other hand, are page portions. You can put different blocks on the same page.

Now, from the free layouts, choose the page layout of your choosing. If you like the layout, hit the Insert button in the top right corner.

Elementor also allows you to save your page to a library for later use. Simply click the Save icon to save the template. The stored templates may be found under the My Templates tab.

Brizy Template

Brizy Builder, too, offers pre-built and ready-to-use pages and blocks. Brizy’s free edition has a restricted number of layouts and blocks. You may upgrade to the pro edition to have access to 150+ layouts and blocks.

To create a new page or block, simply click on the Plus symbol.

Following that, you will see a list of layouts and blocks. You may also see the categories on the left. You may also search for layouts and blocks based on categories.

Now, select your favorite free layout from the list. You may see a brief preview of the layout on the next page. To import the layout, go to the bottom right and click the Import this Layout button.

Elementor vs Brizy: Pricing

Elementor Pricing

The pro version of Elementor has three premium options available. The amount of licensed sites is the primary distinction between the Essential, Expert, and Studio plans.

  • Essential Plan
    • Only have 1 website activation.
    • Price: 49$/year.
    • 100+ Basic & Pro Widgets.
    • 300+ Basic & Pro Templates.
    • 60+ Pro Website Kits Theme Builder.
    • WooCommerce Store Builder.
    • Landing Page Builder.
    • Premium Support.
  • Expert Plan
    • Have 25 website activation.
    • Price: 199$/year.
    • 100+ Basic & Pro Widgets.
    • 300+ Basic & Pro Templates.
    • 80+ Pro & Expert Website Kits Theme Builder.
    • WooCommerce Store Builder.
    • Landing Page Builder.
    • Premium Support.
    • Elementor Expert Profile (Showcase your best work).
  • Studio Plan
    • Have 100 website activation.
    • Price: 299$/year.
    • 100+ Basic & Pro Widgets.
    • 300+ Basic & Pro Templates.
    • 80+ Pro & Expert Website Kits Theme Builder.
    • WooCommerce Store Builder.
    • Landing Page Builder.
    • VIP Support (Priority response via live chat within 30 minutes).
    • Elementor Expert Profile.

If you want to know more about this, read our article on Elementor pricing.

Brizy Pricing

Brizy offers three options, and you just need to pay once.

  • Personal Plan
    • 1 Pro website.
    • Price: $149.
    • Pro designs and features.
    • Lifetime updates and support.
    • Pop-up and alerts builder.
    • Theme builder.
    • WooCommerce Builder.
  • Freelancer Plan
    • 100 Pro website.
    • Price: $299.
    • Pro designs and features.
    • Lifetime updates and support.
    • Pop-up and alerts builder.
    • Theme builder.
    • WooCommerce Builder.
    • Membership funcionality.
  • Agency Plan
    • 500 Pro website.
    • Price: $399 ($279 discount for limited time).
    • Pro designs and features.
    • Lifetime updates and VIP support.
    • Pop-up and alerts builder.
    • Theme builder.
    • WooCommerce Builder.
    • Membership funcionality.
    • White label.


It’s difficult to say which is superior between Elementor and Brizy. The two come with a highly intuitive visual editor that makes site building easier and more enjoyable.

In the end, it all comes down to your requirements. We highly recommend Elementor if you want to build an e-commerce site. In addition to allowing you to modify practically every aspect of your site, add-ons allow you to add more complex capabilities to your e-commerce site.

Brizy may be a better alternative if you work for a web firm that produces websites for customers because it provides a one-time payment option and a white label function that allows you to replace the Brizy logo with your company identity.

Elementor and Brizy both enable interaction with custom field plugins. This is wonderful since it allows you to add certain features or functionality to the website you’re building without having to install too many plugins. You will only need two plugins: your preferred page builder and a custom field plugin.

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