Elementor: 25 Best Addons For Elementor In 2022

Are you looking for addons for Elementor? Do you want to customize your website even more?

Elementor is a well-known WordPress website builder plugin. This plugin is designed to let you create any website you want using drag and drop.

Although the free Elementor version has provided you with a lot of widgets, it still does not help you to customize a website as you like. For better customization, Elementor Pro might be a good option.

However, you can extend Elementor even further with addons. Do you want to modify the appearance of your sliders? There is an addon for it. Do you want to make your parts appear fancier? There is an addon for it.

In this post, we will go through the top Elementor addons available to help your website stand out.

Essential Addons For Elementor (Free and Premium)

Essential Addons for Elementor is the all-in-one Elementor addons. More than 1 million people choose this Elementor addons for their Elementor website.

This plugin not only extends the capabilities of your Elementor Page builder, but it also provides access to 2000+ pre-made blocks and templates.

Along with the layouts, this plugin includes a plethora of widgets that may give your website a much-needed boost. And they’re all completely customizable.

Essential Addons For Elementor


Essential Addons provides more creative components for free in addition to those included with Elementor (80+ free elements and 90+pro elements). It allows you to create great websites without any coding knowledge.

You get access to over 2000 ready-made Elementor templates to develop a comprehensive website in a matter of minutes.


Essential Addons For Elementor Pricing

This plugin is available for free on the WordPress.org website. The premium edition is $31.98 for one website.

If you are not completely pleased with Essential Addons for Elementor within 14 days, just cancel your order and they will unconditionally refund you.

Ultimate Addons For Elementor (Premium)

Ultimate Addons for Elementor is a growing collection of really imaginative and one-of-a-kind Elementor widgets that give you a whole new set of design options. Whether you’re an experienced designer or a beginner, you’ll be able to speed up your workflow and create great designs with ease.

Ultimate Addons For Elementor


Ultimate Addons is an Elementor addons that offers you 50+ widgets and extensions that takes your design capabilities to a whole new level. 200+ pre-built section blocks are simply dragged, dropped, and customized, giving your page a unique design in a few clicks.

You can also choose from a collection of 90+ professionally-designed entire websites to develop your website in less than 3 hours. What’s more, you may tweak even the smallest features of the templates, giving you complete creative control.

If you are a web designer, Ultimate Addons’ design copy feature will save you a lot of time. With the Cross-site Copy and Paste feature, you can easily copy and paste portions, pages, and widgets from one domain to another.

The modular architecture of Ultimate Addons allows you to turn on and off widgets as needed. This will keep your website light and fast-loading.


Ultimate Addons For Elementor Pricing

The Ultimate Addons only have a paid version with 2 options: pay annually or buy once. The cheapest plan costs $57 a year, or you can buy it one-time for $237.

When you buy the Essential or Growth bundle, you will also receive other plugins like Astra Pro, Convert Pro plugin, Schema Pro plugin, etc.

If you are not totally satisfied with Ultimate Addons for Elementor within 14 days, simply cancel your order and you will receive a full refund.

Premium Addons For Elementor (Free and Premium)

Premium Addons is the next Elementor addons on our list. This addons will extend your capabilities with advanced Elementor Widgets, Section Add-ons, Global Features, and outstanding ready-to-use Elementor Section Templates.

Premium Addons For Elementor


Premium Addons upgrades your Elementor Page Builder with 60+ highly adjustable Elementor key plugins and widgets, as well as 400+ predefined Elementor templates, to construct sophisticated websites in less time and with no coding necessary. 

Lottie Animations are supported by all of Premium Addons’ widgets and add-ons. Any widget with an image or icon choice includes the ability to include a Lottie File.

Moreover, Premium Addons allows you to simply create multilingual websites since this plugin is 100% compatible with the WPML WordPress Plugin.

In addition, you may enable or disable individual parts to avoid overburdening your website with code you will never use, resulting in a lightning-fast performance.

Premium Addons also has a cross-domain copy and paste feature. With only two clicks, you will be able to copy and paste any Elementor content from one website to another.


Premium Addons For Elementor Pricing

Premium Addons has a free version on WordPress. And you can get a single license Premium Addons for $39 per year.

The premium version has 14-day money-back guarantee policy.

Dynamic.ooo (Premium)

Another fantastic Elementor addons is Dynamic.ooo. It provides you with over 140 features that will help you save time and money while attaining complicated resultsis. It is a fantastic plugin that makes Elementor-related chores a breeze.

If you want to develop a website that takes into account custom fields, you may use this plugin to display the fields. Dynamic.ooo supports repeater fields, relationship fields, and a variety of other vital fields that you may need to use.



Dynamic.ooo features several great creative Elementor addons and widgets that are design-friendly. The widgets help you add some creative touches to the page.

This Elementor addons also has Dynamic Content for Elementor, which allows you to add token widgets. You may use these tokens to insert shortcodes into the post content.

Furthermore, Dynamic.ooo offers copy paste cross-site feature. Thanks to this feature, you can easily copy widgets from one site to another.


Dynamic.ooo Pricing

Dynamic.ooo gives you 2 options between an annual plan or a lifetime plan. An annual plan starts at $59 for 1 site and a lifetime plan starts at $189 for 1 site.

In addition, you can change your subscriptions at any time. By contacting Dynamic.ooo support within three months of your first purchase, you can upgrade to a lifetime subscription.

Dynamic.ooo offers a 30-day refund policy for new purchases. If you have used the product and renewed it, you will not be able to use the refund policy.

ElementsKit (Free and Premium)

ElementsKit is an Elementor addons that includes hundreds of ready-to-use blocks, templates, and widgets. Its features will be very suitable for Bloggers, Marketers, and Web Designers.



ElementsKit offers you 85+ powerful widgets and extensions. Every widget and extension can be customized, enabled & disabled. This will help lower your website’s loading time.

You will receive 25+ Elementor homepages as well as 500+ site blocks in ElementsKit’s layout library. Furthermore, they will always update their collection in order to provide consumers with a diverse library.

This Elementor addons also includes a header and footer builder. This feature allows you to easily create a personalized header and footer with no complicated settings.

ElementsKit has created certain special controls, such as the Multi Widgets area, AjaxSELECT2, and Image-picker, that may be utilized by hooks in any Elementor theme or plugin. Multi widgets are designed specifically for utilizing WordPress widgets within another widget without difficulty.


ElementsKit Pricing

ElementsKit offers you three packages to choose from: yearly, lifetime, and bundle. The Personal plan is the most affordable, costing $39 per year for one site. Most significantly, this Elementor addons has a free version for you to download to your WordPress site.

ElementsKit also has a 14-day refund policy if you are not satisfied with the product.

Happy Addons For Elementor (Free and Premium)

Happy Addons for Elementor will bring your creative web design ideas to life. With its remarkable features, you can now accomplish things that were previously only achievable by specialists.

Happy Addons For Elementor


Happy Addons is a great Elementor addons that offers 400+ presets for you to choose from their library. You can tweak and compare various widget looks by selecting any pre-made design set. Simply select the settings from the drop-down menu and watch the magic happen.

This Elementor addons also gives you the ability to cross-domain copy and paste. You can quickly copy anything from one site and paste it to others on different domains to save time.

Moreover, Happy Addons adds some strong capabilities to the built-in motion effects area, allowing you to move and rotate items on their x, y, and z axes like never before, as well as add some attractive effects to make your websites stand out from the crowd.


Happy Addons For Elementor Pricing

Happy Addons has a free version on WordPress to install. The premium price starts at $39 per year, or you can purchase one site lifetime for $149.

If this plugin still does not match your requirements, Happy Addons will gladly return your money in full within 14 days of your purchase.

Unlimited Elements For Elementor (Free and Premium)

Unlimited Elements for Elementor is the Elementor addons that you can take your Elementor page-creating experience to the next level.

Get over 100 free widgets for your Elementor website and get everything in one place. All of Unlimited Elements pieces are simple to use and designed with unique Widget Creator framework.

Unlimited Elements For Elementor


Unlimited Elements for Elementor includes an easy-to-use and creative widget library, as well as a unique widget developer framework. This feature gives you the ability to create your own Elementor widgets with some basic coding knowledge.

In addition, all Pro plugin users have access to world-class Elementor template kits developed using unique Unlimited Elements widgets.

This Elementor addons can make your site designs stand out even more by using prepared section backgrounds, which you can download with a single click from the background widget collection.


Unlimited Elements For Elementor Pricing

You can install the free version of Unlimited Elements on WordPress. Or you can buy the premium version, which starts at $39 per year.

And if you purchase the premium version of Unlimited Elements, you are completely protected by their 30-day money-back guarantee.

PowerPack (Free and Premium)

PowerPack is the fastest-growing Elementor addons with 70+ creative Elementor widgets and extensions. And the Lite version includes 30+ free Elementor widgets.

These Elementor widgets were designed with usability and creativity in mind. As a result, this plugin will make it easier for you to create websites.



PowerPack offers you 70+ powerful widgets, so you can choose from a variety of excellent Elementor widgets that fit your design needs. Every PowerPack widget is designed with the user’s experience, creativity, and adaptability in mind.

This Elementor addons also gives you flexible options to construct better websites faster with 150+ professionally designed section blocks. The PowerPack Templates Library is fully compatible with both the Elementor Free and Elementor Pro page builders.

Moreover, PowerPack provides you the cross-domain copy and paste feature.

Last but not least, this plugin is built by a team of WordPress and page builder experts, so it is super lightweight and fast loading.


PowerPack Pricing

You can use the free version on WordPress or upgrade to the premium version for $39 per year for one site. If you have an issue within 14 days that PowerPack is unable to resolve through help, you are welcome to a full refund.

Envato Elements (Free and Premium)

Envato Elements is an Elementor addons that allows you to import whole website/page layouts, saving you time when developing your website.

Without leaving WordPress, you can explore and import Elementor Templates and premium stock pictures.

Envato Elements


You may experiment with thousands of free page and block templates with Elementor. All you have to do is search, import, and personalize.

For premium subscribers, you can access the premium template kit for Elementor. Without leaving WordPress, you can also easily import over 1 million royalty-free photographs.


This Elementor addons is free to download from WordPress. There are some free themes available, but premium templates require an Envato Elements subscription, which is $16.50 per month.

OoohBoi Steroids For Elementor (Free)

OoohBoi Steroids for Elementor is a fantastic suite of tools, choices, and settings that extend the defaults of Elementor. Rather than generating new Elementor widgets, these serve as an enhancement to current choices or the self-standing panels item.

This Elementor addons is fantastic, and it is entirely free to download and use.

OoohBoi Steroids For Elementor

Mighty Addons For Elementor (Free and Premium)

Mighty Addons is a collection of high-quality Elementor addons. It comes with ready-to-use Elementor widgets that may be simply customized to fit your needs.

This plugin allows you to quickly add multi-layered shadows to items, interactive particles backgrounds to different portions of your website, multi-location using Google map & open-street map, and so on.

Mighty Addons For Elementor


Mighty Addons gives you access to a library of 45+ advanced widgets and extensions that will allow you to enhance the capabilities of the Elementor page builder and elevate your page creation experience.

It also comes with 25+ template kits and 150+ sections. These will undoubtedly assist you in quickly building your website with only a few clicks.

One of Mighty Addons’ features is Section Slider. This feature transforms every Elementor Page Builder section into a highly responsive slider. It has powerful styling capabilities, allowing you to customize the slides, navigation, and arrows.

Moreover, you have the ability to add multiple shadows to any element on your website. Mighty Addons has powerful styling capabilities, allowing you to customize the slides, navigation, and arrows.

This plugin also lets you create a variety of forms to suit the design of your website.

You can choose multi-location using Google map & open-street map.

Last but not least, Mighty Addons can help you boost your SEO by including schemas for FAQ pages and opening hours on your web pages.


Mighty Addons For Elementor Pricing

Mighty Addons has a free version with limited functionality. You can unlock all the features by using their premium plan, which starts at $29 per year.

The Plus Addons For Elementor (Free and Premium)

The Plus Addons includes more than 120+ powerful widgets and extensions; 300+ UI essential blocks; and 18+ ready-to-use templates with the most advanced functionalities such as Blog Builder, Woo Builder, Mega Menu, Filtered Gallery, and much more to supercharge your Elementor like never before.

With Plus Addons for Elementor, you can work on your ideal blog, build a revenue-generating online store, or create a website for your next big idea.

The Plus Addons For Elementor


With the free version, you can access Plus Addons’ 35+ free widgets and extensions. If you upgrade to the premium version, you will get 90+ more widgets.

In addition, this plugin also provides you with 18+ templates and 300+ UI blocks. Your website will be built quickly and beautifully.


The Plus Addons For Elementor Pricing

The Plus Addons plugin is available for free on WordPress with limited features. The premium version starts at $39 a year.

Stratum (Free and Premium)

Stratum extends Elementor’s capabilities with a variety of useful extensions, now with improved performance and styling features.

This plugin is a collection of 20+ premium-like free Elementor widgets, with some advanced features offered as premium. Stratum provides everything you need to create landing pages, company sites, creative portfolios, and any other form of website you can think of.

Stratum’s premium edition costs $29 for one site and $59 for limitless sites.


Visibility Logic For Elementor (Free and Premium)

Visibility Logic for Elementor allows you to show or hide widgets or sections based on various conditions, such as whether the user is logged in, whether the user has a specific meta, and so on.

Visibility Logic For Elementor


Free features:

  • Flex container visibility restrictions support.
  • User Meta content restriction.
  • Restrict content based on User Browser (Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, etc).
  • Date and Time restrictions for content.
  • Hide a whole section if all widgets inside it are hidden using visibility settings (Works with nested sections/containers too).

Premium features:

  • Geo Location – Use MaxMind to dynamically display elements based on user’s country.
  • Dynamic conditions – Restrict Elementor widgets and sections based on all Elementor Pro Dynamic tags.
  • WooCommerce Users – Restrict based on user’s order/subscription
  • Easy Digital Downloads Users – Restrict based on user’s order/subscription
  • Advanced User Meta – Support for multiple user meta conditions with And/Or condition.
  • Post and Page, Taxonomy, URL Parameter content restriction.
  • Archive restrictions based on Post types and taxonomies.
  • IP and Referrer restrictions.
  • WordPress Conditional Tags restrictions.
  • Fallback – Allows you to replace a hidden element with a text message or an Elementor template.
  • Copy/Paste visibility settings between widgets or sections by right-clicking an element.


Visibility Logic For Elementor Pricing

The free version of Visibility Logic is available to download on WordPress. This Elementor addons premium version has three plans: $29 for 1 site; $39 for 3 sites; and $79 for 100 sites (pay annually).

Prime Slider (Free and Premium)

Prime Slider is a fast, completely adjustable, and useful plugin that is suitable for any site, including blogging, e-commerce, and so on. It also has an up-to-date UI/UX.

It’s a slider builder that works with any WordPress theme with the Elementor Page Builder plugin, so you won’t run into any problems.

Prime Slider


Prime Slider provides 32+ widgets and 99+ ready-to-use demos for you to easily build your amazing website.


Prime Slider Pricing

You can get this Eleementor addons’ free version with limited widgets on WordPress or buy the premium version with all the widgets. The premium’s price starts at $8.24 per year for 1 website.

Royal Elementor Addons For Elementor (Free and Premium)

Royal Elementor Addons is one of the most flexible, intuitive, and user-friendly Elementor Page Builder extensions. This plugin provides 70+ widgets, 40+ Elementor Template KIT (Growing Each Week), Theme Builder, Elementor WooCommerce Builder, Popup Builder, Premade Widget Blocks & Extensions for Elementor.

Royal Elementor Addons For Elementor


Royal Elementor Addons provides 70+ widgets for you to use freely. The premium version will unlock even more advanced functionality.

This Elementor addons also gives you access to 40+ designer-made website kits created to fit any industry.

Royal Elementor Addons, like Elementor Pro, has a theme builder. It allows you to customize every essential aspect of your WordPress site without any technical knowledge. Not only do you receive a theme builder, but you also get a popup builder, which allows you to create whatever form of popup you desire.


Royal Elementor Addons For Elementor Pricing

In addition to the free version, Royal Elementor Addons provides a premium version with the option of purchasing annually or permanently. The annually pack costs $29 per year and the lifetime pack costs $59.

HT Mega (Free and Premium)

HTMega is a complete set of Elementor widgets, pre-designed Elementor templates, Elementor forms, and Elementor tables, among other things. It enables you to create a professional website in WordPress with Elementor.

HT Mega


HT Mega includes 360+ Elementor blocks, 80+ widgets, and 91+ page templates for you to create a professional website. It also has a theme builder, a megamenu builder, and a sale notification feature.


HT Mega Pricing

This Elementor addons is free to download from the WordPress plugin repository. The premium edition may be purchased from HT Mega’s website for $29 per year of $49 one-time for a single site license.

Element Pack (Free and Premium)

Element Pack is an useful Elementor addons library. Here you will discover 230+ premium elements that increase Elementor’s powers.

All of the pieces are well-crafted and contribute to the overall appearance of your website. The set has enough elements to build fantastic top-notch layouts.

Element Pack


Element Pack contains 230+ widgets, 315+ pages, 1800+ blocks, 300+ header and footer. This tool can save you a lot of time when working on your projects.


Element Pack Pricing

You can download the free version with only 60 widgets on WordPress or you can buy the premium version with full functionality. The premium version costs $39.2 per year for one site.

Magazinify (Premium)

Magazinify is the ideal and attractive news/magazine/blog/article Elementor addons for presenting your thoughts online. You can quickly build news blocks that are tailored to your needs and will engage visitors and potential clients.

This plugin makes the style of your website more appealing to your visitors. It allows you to simply manage your website content by dragging and dropping; no programming experience is necessary.

The price of this Elementor addons is $19 for a single license.


WunderWP (Free)

WunderWP is the only Elementor addons on the list that doesn’t have a paid version. This plugin has a cloud system that you can save and reuse your Elementor styles or templates, or utilize premade styles to immediately improve the appearance of your Elementor sites.



Instead of starting from scratch, you may rapidly create a page using pre-built content. Drag a pre-made intro, about, services, or call-to-action section to your website to create a gorgeous page in seconds.

You also can save and reuse your page or section templates as many times as you wish. Simply create a section, store it to the WunderWP Cloud, and you may use it indefinitely.


Zero because WunderWP is free to use.

Designer Powerup (Premium)

Designer Powerup enhances the Elementor editor with additional design capabilities and better workflow tools. This Elementor addons includes capabilities that are only available to professional Elementor designers.

Designer Powerup


If you think heading to the Advanced tab, selecting the unlink button, and inputting a number every time is a pain, think again. Designer Powerup offers a solution for you: you can visually modify element spacing.

In addition, you can maintain the flow of your layouts by allowing Page grids directly on top of your editing interface. These responsive grids will assist you in aligning your content, identifying inconsistencies, and bringing accuracy to your designs.


Designer Powerup Pricing

For a single site, Designer Powerup costs $23.00 per year and $62.00 one-time. You also receive a 14-day free trial to determine whether or not to buy.

Dynamic Visibility (Free and Premium)

Dynamic Visibility is an addon from Dynamic.ooo plugin. Apart from Dynamic.ooo, this extension has a free version that you can download on WordPress.

You can conceal widgets, columns, containers, sections, or pages with the Dynamic Visibility. It is especially beneficial when you’re working on something you don’t want everyone to see.

This Elementor addons can be downloaded for free on WordPress and the premium version is already in the Dynamic.ooo pack.

Dynamic Visibility

Move Addons For Elementor (Free and Premium)

Move Addons is a unique Elementor addons in our collection. This extension is a powerful tool that allows you to make practically any website customization possible without writing a single line of code.

Move Addons For Elementor


Move Addons provides 80+ Elementor widgets, of which 40+ are free. It is a collection of popular pieces that concentrate on user experience, flexibility, and creativity, allowing you to drag and drop your way to creating an effective website.

To tackle the time-consuming problem, the Copy/Paste Design feature from one domain to another is implemented into the Move Plugin. Designers may quickly create a website by copying parts, pages, and widgets from one to another.


Move Addons For Elementor Pricing

You can download the free version on WordPress or buy the premium version for $20 yearly.

ToolKit For Elementor (Premium)

ToolKit for Elementor is recommended as one of the few performance and productivity plugins designed specifically for Elementor. This plugin is always being improved alongside the most recent versions of WordPress and Elementor core.

ToolKit For Elementor


ToolKit includes powerful administrative tools that boost productivity while decreasing the need for additional plugins.

With ToolKit, you can create a sync key and link to your sites with a single click, then quickly share your saved Elementor templates across your other websites.

This plugin also provides WordPress security by changing your WordPress login URL. In addition, you can share your WordPress admin with your team via Access Links.

Furthermore, with a few clicks, you can simply clean and optimize the WordPress database. Remove unneeded transients, outdated post revisions, spam comments, and other items.


ToolKit For Elementor Pricing

Toolkit for Elementor gives you four plans to choose from:

  • Freelance: $49/year for 3 sites.
  • Professional: $99/year for 25 sites.
  • Studio: $199/year for 100 sites.
  • Enterprise: $399/year for 1000 sites.

Elemailer (Free and Premium)

Elemailer is the last Elementor addons on our list. It is an email template and campaign builder that makes use of the drag-and-drop Elementor builder.

This plugin allows you to change the email template of many WordPress Form plugins. You don’t need to be tech savvy to create visually appealing emails.

This plugin has both free and premium version. The basic premium costs $33 yearly.



Elementor is one of the most powerful website builders available. Not only is it exceedingly simple to use, even for beginners, but it also supports extensions and addons, which expands its capabilities even further.

In this article we have listed for you 25 addons for Elementor that you can use to improve your website. If you like this article and want to read similar articles, please visit our website.


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