WordPress: How To Track Website Visitors In 2022

Are you seeking for a simple solution to track your WordPress website visitors?

Tracking the amount of internet visits to your site may provide you with information to assist you build your business. You may learn more about your audience by seeing which topics they enjoy, where they come from, and how they interact with your website.

We’ll teach you how to easily track website visitors on your WordPress site in this article.

how to track website visitors

Why Should You Track Website Visitors?

One of the most essential measures of your website’s performance is traffic tracking. More visits equals more chances to turn them into subscribers and customers.

It also reveals potential discoveries that you may have overlooked.

You may, for example, learn where the nation or city your visitors are from. This might help you offer customised content or determine which languages your website should be translated into.

You may determine which blog posts are receiving a lot of traffic and then try to think of comparable themes to benefit your customers. Another advantage of tracking visitors to your WordPress website is that you can learn where they came from.

For example, you may monitor if customers execute a Google search and subsequently land on your website, or if they spot your brand-mentioned link on another site or platform.

This allows you to concentrate your marketing efforts and investments on channels that are effective. After that, let’s go through how to set up website visitor tracking in Google Analytics.

Using Google Analytics To Track Website Visitors

Google Analytics is the market’s most powerful website visitor tracking software. It enables you to see how many visitors you have and what they do while on your website.

However, configuring Google Analytics involves modifying code snippets. This may be difficult for newcomers, and even the smallest error can disrupt your website tracking.

This is where MonsterInsights can help. It is the most effective Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. It allows you to link Google Analytics to your website without needing to change any code.

You must first install and activate the MonsterInsights plugin.

You will be brought to a welcome page after activation, and you will also see a new menu option named Insights in your admin area. Click the Launch the Wizard button on the welcome screen.

Following that, you can link your site to analytics by following the onscreen steps.

You may also add a Google Analytics 4 (GA4) attribute to WordPress using MonsterInsights. It is Google’s most recent analytics version, and it will shortly replace the previous Universal Analytics. If you haven’t already built a GA4 property, now is the greatest time to make the conversion to Google Analytics 4.

With MonsterInsights dual tracking, you may begin sending data to the new property while continuing to use your current Universal Analytics property.

You can now use MonsterInsights to examine your website traffic data from within your WordPress dashboard.

Viewing Website Visitor Reports

You may view your website visits using various MonsterInsights reports. They save you time since you don’t have to go through Google Analytics to locate data that is relevant to your business.

Overview report

To begin, navigate to the Insights -> Reports tab in your WordPress admin area. The first report you’ll see is the Overview report.

You can pick a date range to examine the total number of sessions and pageviews on your website, as well as the average session duration and bounce rate.

The report also indicates which device your visitors use to access your website. This can assist you in optimizing your website for various devices and ensuring that you have a responsive WordPress theme.

It also distinguishes between new and returning visitors.

More reports will appear as you scroll down, allowing you to discover where your visitors are coming from.

The Top Countries report displays the region from where the majority of your traffic originates. You may use this information to develop geolocation-based tactics.

The Top Referrals report appears next, and it displays the websites that are delivering visitors to your site. You may use this information to develop alliances, locate guest posting opportunities, and discover comparable websites to market your content and products.

The final report available under Overview is the Top Posts/Pages. These are the most popular landing pages and blog entries on your website.

Publishers report

Next, from the top menu, select the Publishers page to learn more about your visitors.

The report provides additional information about your most popular landing pages, such as the number of visits, average length, and bounce rate.

You may use this data to generate new article themes and boost your website traffic.

It also indicates which outbound links and affiliate links are receiving the most hits. If you provide downloaded content, you may also track which file types are most popular.

Looking at the demographics is another crucial piece of information you may examine for tracking visitors on your website. MonsterInsights displays your visitors’ age and gender.

This information can be used for a variety of purposes. It can, for example, assist you in selecting the appropriate audience for Facebook retargeting advertisements. Another method to use the data is to create material for certain age and gender groupings.

The plugin also displays an Interests report and tracks scroll depth on your site. Using scroll depth information, you can position your banner advertising and call-to-action buttons to increase conversions.

Search console report

Through its Search Console report, MonstrInsights may assist you in determining which search phrases people use to locate your website on Google.

The report includes information on the Top 50 Google Search Terms, including the number of clicks, impressions, CTR (click-through rate), and average position.

You may increase website traffic by optimizing your website for comparable keywords and increasing the ranks of search phrases that do not appear in Google’s top 10 results.

Ecommerce report

MonsterInsights can assist you in tracking the success of your online business.

The updated eCommerce report provides you with an overview of your online store’s conversion rate, number of transactions, revenue, and average order value.

It even displays the most popular goods with the highest sales volume. To track your website traffic, scroll down to the Top Conversion Sources report.

These are websites that deliver high-converting traffic to your site. You may promote your shop and items on such websites to increase traffic and sales.

Dimensions report

Using custom dimensions, MonsterInsights allows you to track website visitors for more information about them. These reports, which are not by default available in Google Analytics, will allow you to track custom interactions on your website.

You may, for example, set up tracking for popular categories, tags, post types, authors, focus keywords, and other criteria. It allows you to see what your website visitors prefer and when the optimum time is to create blog entries.

Real-time report

The Realtime report is the last report available in WordPress for tracking visitors on your site in real-time.

It displays how many users are now engaged on your site as well as a real-time traffic figure. If you’re operating a promotional campaign and want to track its success over time, this report is quite beneficial.

Using the Realtime report, you can also see the geographic area, top pages, and top referral traffic sources that are generating website visits at any given moment.

You can simply track website visitors and develop plans to promote your business with this data.


We hope this article helped you learn how to track website visitors. If you want to read more articles about SEO, you can refer to our article on 10 SEO plugins that you should use for your website.


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