WordPress: Ultimate Guide for Beginners in 2022

You may not be aware that, in 2022, WordPress has a market share of 64.1% considering the websites whose CMS we know (Source: Manaferra), placing it at the top of the list of the most popular open-source CMS.

Because of its ease and range of functionality, WordPress is used by most organizations, large and small, as well as individuals, for their websites.

So, what is WordPress?

Not only will the next post answer this issue, but it will also provide you with fundamental WordPress knowledge and show you how to use it in the most understandable way.


What is WordPress?

WordPress is a blog and website publishing system based on the PHP programming language and using the MySQL database.

You can use WordPress to build a simple standalone blog, or you can use it as a content management system (CMS) to build a small portal site. In a nutshell, WordPress is powerful enough to build the most popular types of websites.

Explaining WordPress Related Terms

Maybe you do not really understand the technical phrases we just stated, so we’ll clarify a few of them in this part.



PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a scripting language or kind of code that is mostly used to build server-side, open-source, general-purpose code that is suited for HTML websites.

Because of its simplicity of learning and lower product completion time when compared to other languages, this is the most frequently used programming language in the world.


MyQSL is the world’s most popular free and open-source database management system. It is a database that stores information from web pages written in PHP, NodeJS, Perl, and other languages.

MySQL is quick, stable, and simple to use, and it supports a wide range of operating systems. It also has a variety of powerful utility functions.


CMS stands for content management system, and it is software that organizes and creates a comfortable working environment with the aim of better developing a system of papers and other forms of information.


Theme is a collection of interfaces that are used throughout the website; these themes are pre-programmed and ready to help users. It’s like clothing, and the website is you; you can wear any theme for the website as long as it’s appropriate and attractive to you.

WordPress Theme

The theme is the first thing that draws the user’s attention, so if a developer has a nice, exclusive, and one-of-a-kind theme, they will offer it on the market.

Aside from some themes that are free to install, there are those that require users to pay a charge or engage a programmer to build a distinct theme for them.


WordPress Plugins

Plugins are extensions that integrate functionality that WordPress does not have by default in order to improve the website’s usability. In other words, plugins are additional modules that perform a variety of functions when you build your website.

The management and user experience on the website have become significantly more efficient as a result of these plugins.

Difference Between WordPress.org and WordPress.com

When you first start learning about WordPress, you will see that there are two separate domains: WordPress.org and WordPress.com. So, what is the difference between these two platforms, and which should you use?


WordPress Dashboard

WordPress.org is where you can get the source code, which includes the admin interface and the default theme.

After downloading, you can use the WordPress source code to develop your website by uploading it to your hosting (or VPS).

Furthermore, WordPress.org includes thousands of themes and plugins (both commercial and free versions) that you can download to install extra online capabilities and customize the interface.


WordPress.com Homepage

Unlike WordPress.org, WordPress.com allows you to build websites right on their host; you don’t need to use an external hosting service.

If you use a domain name like myblog.wordpress.com, it is entirely free; otherwise, you must register and purchase your own domain name.

It is nearly impossible for customers to use or install extra plugins and themes from outside; users can only use plugins and themes that have been released or carefully validated by WordPress.

Which WordPress should you use?

If you have a lot of time to research, WordPress.org is the platform to utilize since it allows you to create websites with almost endless possibilities.

If you only need a simple website and don’t want to spend too much time learning, WordPress.com is the ideal option. Furthermore, this platform allows you to utilize it for free using the domain name that they provide.

What Can You Do With WordPress?

As we mentioned in the opening, WordPress can be used to create basic blogs for massive blogs, complex websites and anything in between. It can basically generate everything that can be built using a content management system.

Create a blog

Wordpress Post

Starting a blog is one of the most popular ways to use WordPress. These sites frequently focus on information exchange, whether for personal reflection or to assist clients in using a product.

Blogs are an excellent technique to gain new clients or assist existing ones. Many firms promote product guides, reviews, and other pertinent information that customers may find useful. As a consequence, your website will generate more sales and leads.

Build an online store

Build Online Store

WordPress makes it incredibly simple to set up an online store. You can now develop an eCommerce site and start selling right away thanks to plugins like WooCommerce. An online business has a lot of potential for success as long as you have something to sell and provide a better experience than your competitors.

Because WordPress is designed for this, you can create an interesting blog with an e-commerce platform. You can interact with and sell to clients from a single admin dashboard.

Build a social network

Social media is an essential aspect of millions of people’s daily lives. In fact, research reveals that sites like Facebook and Twitter affect over 45% of customers when they make a purchase.

Creating your own social media site is as easy as installing a plugin like BuddyPress in WordPress. This is a fantastic method for developing a network of individuals with similar interests, especially if you start a specialized website.

Create a help forum

Help Forum

A support forum is another excellent way to use WordPress. These websites are community-driven and assist individuals in solving various challenges. If you spend a lot of time on the internet, you probably read a forum or two every day.

What makes forums beneficial for brands is giving product or service assistance. Almost every major manufacturer or developer provides a live forum to support clients. This demonstrates to customers that you desire to assist them while also benefiting your brand.

Create a video website

A fantastic marketing tactic is online video creation. It is so powerful that 87% of internet marketers make video content a regular part of their strategy.

The way WordPress is set up, you can rapidly upload your own video files or integrate material from sites like YouTube. Many website owners employ this to emphasize textual material, taking visitors a step further.

Because video material is so appealing, several developers have designed YouTube-like themes for WordPress websites.

Why Should You Use WordPress?


Ease of use

WordPress is well-known for being a user-friendly website builder. Even if you are not a specialist in this sector, you can quickly construct your own website with a straightforward registration process and an easy-to-use interface.

Support many types of websites

You can design whatever form of website you like; WordPress supports numerous types of websites, including magazine, news, business, personal blog, sales, and so on.

However, in order to maximize the features of the plugin, you must seek the assistance of specialists throughout the website design process, since this is rather hard for new users.

Various themes available

Aside from commercial themes, WordPress provides a plethora of free but attractive themes.

You can entirely construct a more attractive interface that fits your taste if you have a better grasp of website interface design suggestions. However, using a purchased theme will make your website look more professional.

Many plugins support

The WordPress plugin library has about 60.000 plugins, from which you can select the appropriate one for your website type. Because the majority of these plugins are free, they make it easier for users to establish a professional, high-quality website.

Multi-language support

WordPress allows users to pick what language they can use to accommodate numerous people from many nations.

Some Useful Plugins for WordPress Websites

There are numerous useful plugins for WordPress websites; we will introduce you to 5 types of plugins that practically any type of website should install in order to maximize the website experience.



WooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce plugin, making it easier for businesses to sell products and manage inventory.



RankMath is the best free plugin for search engine optimization. This plugin is designed to optimize article content, provide quality information, and reach search users effectively.


Jetpack is used to enhance internet traffic, protect websites, monitor performance, etc.

Unfortunately, because this is a package plugin, it may include too many features that you do not use. If you use Jetpack, make sure you can optimize this plugin to eliminate features that are not required without compromising web speed.

WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache Plugin

WP Super Cache is one of the best solutions for your website’s loading speed. This plugin will create a separate version of your website on the user’s machine, which means your site will load faster for individuals who commonly visit.

Wordfence Security

Wordfence contains an endpoint firewall and malware scanner designed specifically to safeguard your website. It is the most complete security solution available, rounded off by 2FA and a host of other features.


WordPress is the most popular platform for creating websites for a reason. It is an excellent choice for creating any form of website, from a blog to an eCommerce business.

Just keep in mind that self-hosted WordPress.org and WordPress.com are not identical. In most cases, self-hosted WordPress.org is what you want to use to develop a website.


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